I have a 30inch kitchen cabinet need help with sink for it. I would prefer a wider 30" oven, but it would require a lot of cabinet work to make it fit. She works like new at a little over a year old. However since frameless cabinets exist it is clear that it is possible to have a cabinet without a faceframe that is strong enough to hold an oven. The other day while making the plunge cut with the circular saw, it kicked back and almost ran across the face frame which would have ruined the cabinet. By the way, M series actually do come in 27" in some models. A wall oven is usually designed to fit within a limited number of cabinet dimensions. I had this done in my previous kitchen and it looked perfect. Making your appliances integrate into the rest of your kitchen is easy with our cabinets made for built-in appliances. Wolf is doing a staggered rollout of the M series, and the 27" transitional will not be available until 2016. I feel better now that the GW community confirmed it will be ok. Going as far out as 6" on each side before cabinets start would mean having to eliminate one wall cabinet altogether in my plan. Greendesigns....why do you say that I wouldn't be able to use the self clean function? Due to manufacturing variances, limitations of computer screens and the variation in natural lighting, actual colors may vary from the images you see here. 3 ELECTRIC WALL OVEN INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Important Notes to the Installer 1. Greendesigns....I don't know if these cabinets were built on site as they were already installed when we bought the house. You'd be limiting the air in the cavity by shoehorning the oven in. The strength of a frameless cabinet is in the sides of the cabinet, as there is no faceframe. I want to replace it. With many cabinets, the average depth is … I can make it fit with a lot of modifications, or I can sell it and buy something else. If your budget allows, get a price on that. Width of the Cabinet. July 21, 2006 . Measure from one end and make a mark at four inches. Will a new 27 inch oven fit in a wall that is 27 1/2 inches wide? Recommended ventilation area of 100cm² at the base of the cabinet. there will not likely be much room around the sides, but there will be space on the top or bottom for ventilation. I might go for that Kohler riverby looks nice too. The triple Wall Oven Combo combines the traits of a single wall oven with that of microwave and convection ovens. It is tight. I'd love to have this info also. I had the cabinet modified for a 27" electric wall oven. The tall wall oven cabinet will eliminate a section of countertop. He said he would just have to cut the side stiles open a bit to fit the oven. There will be exact cut out dimensions there. You shouldn't go below this. I would much rather have the farmhouse because I could slide it forward, but as mentioned above, It looks funny having stainless steel the entire front of a 30 inch cabinet and it's right next to a stainless steel dishwasher that's next to a stainless steel fridge with minimal cabinet dividers in between. You can do a 30'' in a 30'' easily enough in frameless construction. There are a limited number of 24" ones to be found, usually either the very low end, or the very high end. Wish I would have found this thread before buying my sink. If the "cabinet" is made with 2x4 studs, you're only going to have about 26" (30" - 2" x 2) to fit it into. I want to make sure this is installed properly. Pans wait conveniently in a deep bottom drawer below the oven. 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When installed at a convenient height, wall ovens prevent you from doing a lot of bending and stooping and make it easier to take heavy pans out of the oven. The oven may have issues scraping the wall when opening opening the door next to the wall unless they offset the cutout, which would mean having zero spport from the faceframe on the right hand side. Photo in comments. I'd use finish grade 3/4" plywood, and substantial blocking beneath the shelf to support it -- possibly even 1/2" plywood sheets that reach from front to back of the cabinet and from the floor of the cabinet to the base of the oven shelf. 10mm per panel. I do think that the shelf that will support the oven will have to be sturdy and sturdily supported. Bottom Line If building a new kitchen, choose the wall oven model first and create a cabinet with three inch clearance all around. Generally speaking, a 30" oven fits into a 30" cabinet. This post was edited by hvtech42 on Sun, Feb 1, 15 at 6:45, I have a 30inch kitchen cabinet need help with sink for it. Long story short, I bought some used cabinets and one of the pieces is a double oven wall cabinet with 27x50" opening. Unless the cabinets sides are exceptionally thin, cheap and weak (as in 3/8" thick) that there will be plenty strength in the cabinet even with the 1" of the 1 3/4" face frame removed. After the cutout, on the wall side there will be 3/4 inch remaining of the side stile plus the filler. Here is another close up photo showing the filler. Samples are unable to be refunded. 30" (76.2 cm) Wall Oven 28½ (72.4) 29 (73.7) 24 (61) 49 1/8 (124.8) 49¾ (126.4) 30 (76.2) Min. I have traditionally used both circular saw and jig saw for cutting this opening. A built-in oven the same size requires a 33 inch cabinet.

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