These can have either anvil or bypass blades and feature “ratchet” springs and mechanisms to ease effort and cut through a stem in a series of stages. These are Vintage Garden Secateurs, prunimg electric secateurs in great condition. Plastic grips on the aluminium handles make holding them softer and less cold. Made from quality materials and equipped with the most innovating features, the secateurs deliver an effortless but precise cutting result. Size of the tool makes it pleasant to work with also for people with medium to small hands. Pruning is essential for removing dead and dying parts of the plant that look unsightly, not to mention draining valuable energy that can be put to better use. Powered by a micro electric motor, the EasyPrune completely eliminates any fatigue from frequent pruning. For instance, setting the Power Assist function to low means you can prune thinner stems without draining the battery as much, while medium and high settings let you cut through branches that are a bit tougher. We awarded these Best Buy status as the Best Anvil All Round. We judged these the Best Comfort Anvil secateurs. Call Agricare today on 01304 842280 to arrange a FREE product demonstration! These are strong secateurs that cut through hard woody pruning with ease. Recharging is fast and easy using a micro USB, while you can even adjust the cutting power to suit each plant. A unique feature of the secateurs is the fact that you can easily switch from ratchet to single cut actions as the situation demands it. Burgon and Ball Left Handed Bypass review, Safety catch for left- and right-handed use. We judged these the Best Comfort Ratchet secateurs out of those tested by our experts. If left to grow without any sort of pruning, your plants are not going to look anywhere near as attractive as they should. Ergonomic and lightweight – Weighing just 490g, the secateurs are comfortable and easy to use one-handed. The blades are razor sharp and make short work of thick and thin branches, although they are at their best when removing wooden growth. Read the full review: Gardena Comfort Anvil Secateurs. Cordless electric secateurs designed for pruning vineyards. They’re beautifully and simply designed, and they’re easy to use and make smaller pruning cuts well. This type of secateurs features a cutting blade sharpened on both sides that meets a flat metal anvil when cutting – think of the action being like a knife cutting down onto a chopping board. ... Fiskars UK 1000574 P94 secateurs: The toughest bypass secateurs. Bosch Cordless secateurs EasyPrune (Integrated 3.6 V Battery, 450 Cuts/Battery Charge, In Blister... Best Bird Box Cameras For Nest Watching Up Close, Best Post Hole Diggers To Install Garden Fences, Best Lawn Feed For A Healthy Green Garden, UK’s Best Tree Loppers For Garden Branch Pruning, Best Weed Pulling Tools To Easily Remove Weeds, Comfortable, lightweight, sturdy aluminium alloy handles. see all. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Also, a PTFE coating provides the blades with added resistance to rust and a smooth cutting motion with every squeeze. With this exclusive deal from Presto Coffee, you can enjoy a saving of £12! Made from premium quality materials and providing unrivalled strength and durability, if you’re looking for a strong pair of secateurs suitable for thick wooden branches and thinner green branches, the Felco Model 2 is a fine choice. The blades are even replaceable, along with every other part of the secateurs, with a lifetime guarantee highlighting just how confident Felco are in their product. The large safety catch engages easily and replacement parts are available. Buy Electric Pruner in Hand Secateurs & Pruners and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Both the bypass and anvil models feature non-stick blades which are precision ground for optimum performance and precise cutting. The safety catch is chunky but easy to engage once you get used to it. Replacement blades and springs are available and they have 10-year guarantee. Garden secateurs are ideal for trimming flowers and young shoots. We’ve trialled and reviewed hundreds of garden tools to identify the best ones for value, comfort and quality. The ratchet mechanism did rattle noisily but still cut well. Read the full review: Draper Delux Anvil Secateurs review. Secateurs are one of the more overlooked tools for garden maintenance yet their importance cannot be overstated. Our testers were impressed with the performance of these secateurs and awarded them Best Buy status. They’re easy to locate if they get lost amongst clippings. For example, the ratchet cutting action offers much more cutting power, being suitable for removing thicker wooden branches up to 1-inch in diameter. In winter, its branches transform into a blaze of bright orange-red berries. Felco manufacture a range of electronic secateurs suited to a multitude of professional activities including vineyard and orchard maintenance, horticulture, nurseries and arboriculture. A popular choice among professionals, the secateurs come with impressive cutting power that make it better equipped for thicker branches, which is something that bypass secateurs often struggle with. Given the Best Buy badge by BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine, these are a great tool for those with weaker hands. Much like the blades, the handles are made from high quality metals, this time an alloy aluminium that helps to make them lightweight yet very durable. Secateurs. Simply choose a ratchet or a single … The Easy garden tools from Bosch - the handy helpers, for all small projects. There is a one year warranty included and we thought the secateurs were great value for money overall. Ratchet Secateurs: These can have either anvil or bypass blades and feature “ratchet” springs and mechanisms to ease effort and cut through a stem in a series of stages. Briers, Bulldog Tools, Burgon & Ball, Darlac, Draper, Felco, Fiskars, Kent & Stowe, Lasher, Niwaki, Spear & Jackson, Stihl, Wilkinson Sword and Wolf Garten. These bypass secateurs have a central lever action, which makes them very easy on the hands when cutting, just like a ratchet secateur. Satisfaction or money-back guarantee: we have the electric secateur battery you need! It’s easy to sharpen and replace the blades, and their orange handles make them easy to find tin the garden. Yes, it will cut through green branches but because it uses anvil blades the secateurs crush the growth rather than producing a clean and precise cut. While tools like. The warranty lasts for two years. We’ve been busy testing wheelbarrow loads of garden secateurs and consider the Fiskars PowerGear X PX92 as the best quality garden secateurs on the market. The hardened steel blade cuts cleanly and effortlessly through growth and these secateurs also have a wide cutting width and feel sturdy in use. A lifetime warranty is included. From the team at Gardeners' World Magazine. This is especially useful if your hand strength isn’t the best or you’re dealing with conditions like arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome. These eye-catching bypass secateurs have good grip and are comfortable, apart from the safety catch which has a sharp edge that kept snagging the fingers. Many thanks to Rosie Yeomans and Sparsholt College for their help in making this video. They come with a lifetime guarantee. Read the full review: Fiskars Quantum Bypass Secateurs review. You should always check what type of plants you need to prune before choosing secateurs, as each type is designed for specific types of pruning. These tools are vital for long-term maintenance of plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, bushes and everything in between. 1,101 electric secateurs products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which pruners accounts for 20%, scissors accounts for 1%. The handles are ergonomically designed, being made from strong yet lightweight aluminium and featuring a rubber shock absorber for added comfort when using the secateurs. Available in two sizes with replacement parts available. While manual bypass secateurs traditionally struggle with thicker wooden growth, the EasyPrune is the complete opposite, easily cutting through wooden branches that are up to 1-inch in diameter. It’s not much of an issue on dead or woody branches, just be mindful that the cut may not be the cleanest when pruning green stems and branches. The Davaon Pro Switch 2 in 1 is a highly versatile set of ratchet secateurs that is suitable for pruning both thin and thick branches. These models were: 19 best secateurs: bypass, anvil and rachet, All products were chosen independently by our editorial team. ✅ [ 5 TIMES THE CUTTING POWER ] - The ratcheting mechanism of our garden... ✅ [ RATCHET & SINGLE CUT MODE ] - The best of both pruning actions with 2 in 1... ✅ [ HARD STEEL BLADES ] - Heat treated and hardened SK5 carbon steel blades... Ratchet action allows for easy pruning in four short simple steps. are ideal for taking on heavy duty tasks, secateurs are a simple, hand-held tool used for keeping on top of pruning, dead-heading, cutting back perennials and harvesting fruit, veg and flowers. We found the safety catch could be fiddly and the three gear ratchet did occasionally slip. Anvil secateurs offer more cutting strength so are better suited for thicker wooden branches on trees, bushes, and shrubs. There is an integrated spring closing between plastic handles which do have a rubber grip but only on the upper side. Green foliage changes to fiery hues of orange and red towards winters, with white spring blossom later forming red berries. It’s also simple to sharpen. Read the full review: Burgon and Ball Left Handed Bypass review. You’ll find that secateurs are labelled as either ratchet or geared, so it helps to know the difference as each type is suited for different types of pruning. The handles have a soft grip for comfort and they’re surprisingly light – half the weight of some of the other secateurs tested. Perhaps the most versatile type of secateurs, they do perform best on thinner growth from and less woodier plants, although they can certainly cut through wooden branches but may require a bit more force – just make sure never to cut anything thicker than the recommended cutting capacity. This action makes them more capable of cutting thick wooden branches with larger diameters, although they aren’t as effective on thinner growth. in a similar manner to a knife on a chopping board. Not all secateurs are suitable for every plant, so check the buying guide below for all the info you need to choose something suitable for your garden: Bypass secateurs offer the best precision for pruning although they are also great for general pruning around the garden. Cutting width also needed to be adjusted for different size stems. When using the secateurs, you squeeze the handle up to four times in a single cutting action, removing much of the strain needed for pruning thicker growth. Our testers were impressed by how comfortable and well balanced they were to use, particularly for larger hands. This type of secateurs consists of a sharpened blade on one side that bypasses a curved metal component, much like a pair of scissors. The blades feature a two-step locking mechanism that that lets you set two different cutting positions. Thousands of customer product reviews. While tools like hedge trimmers and other cordless garden tools are ideal for taking on heavy duty tasks, secateurs are a simple, hand-held tool used for keeping on top of pruning, dead-heading, cutting back perennials and harvesting fruit, veg and flowers.. Below, we explain the difference between these types and what you might use them for. All bypass and anvil pruners are tested for up to 100,000 cuts to ensure optimum performance even after years of cutting. You can truly feel the quality with the smooth tight action and superb cutting power, combined to offer you an unparalleled level of precision. High quality hardened steel blades, forged aluminium alloy handles, wire cutting... Anvil blade with sap groove, rubber cushion shock aborbers, High carbon steel blade with cutting notch and sap groove. We also offer advice on how to use secateurs, as well as clean and sharpen them. We rated our top performing pairs Best Buy status. These weighty, robust secateurs have a four gear ratchet system that enables them to cut  tough wood easily and they have soft, well-gripping handles which makes working comfortable and effortless. Spear & Jackson Razorsharp PRO Heavy Duty Bypass Secateur review, Wolf Garten RS5000 Professional Anvil Secateurs review, Wilkinson Sword Comfort Ratchet Pruner review, Corona Ratchet Cut Comfort Gel Anvil Secateurs review, Burgon and Ball RHS Endorsed Digging Spade review, Corona Ratchet Cut Comfort Gel Anvil Secateurs, Cut efficiently and smoothly and make large cuts easily, A number of different screws need to be tackled for adjustment or maintenance, Handles are wide when fully opened which may be a problem for smaller hands, The safety catch is easy to reach and use, Several different screw need tackling for adjustment, The grip is wide when fully opened and not helpful for smaller hands, Feel sturdy and robust with a strong blade, Central safety catch keeps catching halfway through a cut, Forged handles have a textured grip and are comfortable and easy to hold, Simple to take apart for sharpening or replacing the blade, The eye catching yellow stripe on the green handles makes them easy to spot amongst piles of clippings, Safety catch has a sharp edge which is hard on the fingers, Struggle with larger cuts and stiff to close, Cork handles are soft, warm and comfortable, Central safety catch is easy to engage for both left and right-handed user, Heavy to use and struggles with thicker, larger cuts, At the top end of the price scale and were the most expensive secateurs we tested, Small and light, half the weight of other models tested, Easy to make most cuts thanks to the lever action, Blade opening limited, making it tricky to sharpen the blades, Central safety catch simple to operate with one hand, Handles are hard in the hand and feel uncomfortable after prolonged use, Several screws need dismantling for adjustment or maintenance, Central safety catch easy to reach and engage, Large and heavy and may be too much for gardeners with smaller hands and those lacking strength, Cut well and central safety catch easy to reach and opens and closes easily, Blade removable for sharpening and replacing, Metal handles cold in the hand despite soft grip inserts, Opened further than most of the testers could grip, Their dark colour makes them harder to find amongst prunings. We judged this pair as the Best Budget Anvil secateurs. The nonslip coating offers decent grip and comfort, while also acting as a shock absorber when pruning larger growth. AgriEuro provides a wide range of professional electric pruning secateurs, extremely powerful and efficient tools that come with a knapsack battery of big capacity that enables to work without interruptions for several hours. Featuring two cutting modes, these all-purpose secateurs will let you easily cut through both thick branches and more delicate and thinner stems. We were impressed with how strong and robust these anvil secateurs were. Similar to a pair of scissors, you can cut, prune, and trim your foliage with a simple squeeze of an easy to grip handle. YNSW Electric Secateurs, Professional 16.8V Li-ion Battery Tree Branch Pruner, Rechargeable Garde… They are easy to use and have soft handles which are comfortable and ease strain well. Read the full review: Lasher Bypass Secateurs review. They are made with extra fine quality Japanese SK5 steel blades that are known for their razor cutting. We’ve included bypass, anvil and ratchet types. We found the safety catch was easy to reach, however it was quite stiff to operate. Buy Bahco Hand Secateurs & Pruners and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! The safety catch is on the top of the handle and easy to switch on or off with a flick of the thumb. There is also a blade tension adjustment setting, although this does require some practice to get the ideal setting, so unless you’re an experienced gardener you may want to avoid adjusting it too much initially. Thousands of products. Spear and Jackson Razorsharp Ratchet Anvil Secateurs, Silver. Read the full review: Darlac Compound Action Pruner review. From a quick spot of maintenance to a major makeover, it’s easy to get your garden looking its best with Homebase. Just remember they aren’t as strong as ratchet secateurs, although this may not be an issue depending on your pruning needs. Read the full review: Niwaki GR Pro review. It does all the hard work for you, leaving your plants looking better than ever. This secateur is a good mid-range model with a rotating handle for extra power. The secateurs are small and compact and feature a non-stick blade which cuts cleanly. They’re heavy to hold but comfortable and the grip is good – the cork keeps the handles warm on colder days. This pair feature a rotating handle which helps make repetitive pruning easier, although the feature may not suit all users. Replacement blades don’t cost much and you probably won’t need to replace them for many years to come. The coated SK5 steel blade cuts smoothly although the action took longer than other models tested. They feel sturdy and cut well in a variety of different jobs. We’ve included bypass, anvil and ratchet types in our recommendations. While secateurs are traditionally manually operated garden tools, Bosch have provided a welcome innovation to the market with the EasyPrune – an electric powered set of bypass secateurs. They have a strong, wide cut which also makes them easy to sharpen and clean and the handles have comfortable rubber grip inserts so they are comfortable and warm to use. Buy Secateurs at They're just what you need when it comes to making sure your outdoor space is looking trim and tidy, helping you to keep your shrubs in shape and ideal for cutting off stems to encourage new growth. Please read our, Secateurs are an indispensable garden tool essential for tidying around the garden. So, if you need to make precise cuts in tight spaces, bypass secateurs are recommended as they are thinner and produce a much cleaner cut. For instance, if you’re pruning the stem of a rosebush, you want to make a vertical cut that is as close to the stalk as possible. £44.99. Read the full review: Darlac Expert Bypass DP1030A review. The handles are aluminum and topped with a rubber grip for added comfort. Order your electric secateur battery at the best price on Can also be used for cutting back shrubs and small trees. These cork handled bypass secateurs have a non-stick hardened steel blade that won’t stick or clog. We look at the types of secateurs available and consider key features of different models, including ease of handling, safety functions and blade specification. This telescopic long reach pruner from EasyKut combines a cutting saw with ratchet style secateurs for a versatile cutting tool. The plastic-coated handles are bright red so easy to spot if mislaid. Read our guide on how to. Read the full review: Fiskars PowerGear X Pruners review. The EasyPrune produces clean and precise cuts on both green and wood growth, making it one of the most versatile secateurs currently available. Even if the branches aren’t dead or diseased, pruning is required to keep it under control and pleasing on the eye. Electrocoup F3015, the only electric secateur to feature in-built safety systems. The motor gives the stainless-steel blades all the power they need to cut through branches of varying thicknesses, with enough power to produce around 450 cuts on a single charge. Overall the tool performed well but did feel quite flimsy compared to more sturdy models. Our best budget choice was the Gardena Classic 8754, which is a bypass secateur with angled and easy-to-use cutting blades. The central safety catch is easy to engage with the thumb and can also be used to reduce the blade aperture (opening width) for light work There is a handy wire cutting notch on the blade and the red handles help to make them easy to find if lost in the garden. In summer, its glossy green canopy is awash with charming white panicles of flowers. The Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Heavy Duty Bypass Secatuer is strong, lightweight, and versatile for various pruning around the garden. Electric Hedge Trimmers View Entire Range. While the shape and size of secateurs may not appear important you need to consider this as lot of pruning occurs in very tight spaces. 4, Swiss made $65 (brand new, never been used) 4) Kneeling pad for gardening and other uses for $5

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