From its natural beauty to its ancient artifacts, the lands and people of Costa Rica are as unique as its history. Here you can read 10 interesting facts about Costa Rica that you probably didn't know. A couple of weeks ago, we gave you some interesting facts worth knowing about the rainforest, now it’s time to bring you some general costa rican facts we bet you didn’t know about the country and customs of Costa Rica! Taken by Samuel Charron via The secret of Nicoya is the local waters that are unusually rich in Calcium and Magnesium. 22 Interesting facts about Costa Rica. 28) Costa Rica owns more ocean than it does land, with an impressive ratio of 10-1. Interesting Facts About Costa Rica. Facebook is the platform with the most active users within Costa Rica, so here are some interesting facts about its use in the country:-17 likes on average in the last 30 days in all types of publications, where women give 22 likes per post and men give 12 likes.-8 comments on average in the last 30 days, but women 14 times and men 5 times -2 times shared on average, women share an … Interesting Facts About Costa Rica. Population: 4,930,258 (July 2017 est.) Currently, Costa Rica’s fertility is the lowest in the continent, with only 1.7 births per woman, only surpassed by Canada. Then you’ve come to the right place, as we share some awesome Costa Rica facts. By Josh in Costa Rica, Lifestyle. Jan 22, 2015. Rice and beans mixed together for breakfast is called GALLO PINTO. Costa Ricans call themselves ticos for men and ticas for women! Isla del Coco is the most remote part of Costa Rica, nearly 360 miles (600 km) into the Pacific Ocean, southwest of the mainland. Costa Rica is a rugged, rainforested Central American country with coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific. Close to San Jose. 37. Costa Rica currently generates more than 99% of its electricity using only renewable sources. 3. It follows Central Standard Time or six hours behind Greenwich Mean Time and there is no daylight savings time in the country. The national currency is one of the most colorful. Carlos Alvarado Quesada is the current president. Pin +1. 9 Interesting Facts About Costa Rica. Here are 20 interesting and lesser known facts about Costa Rica… 1. Interesting Facts About Costa Rica Costa Rica is one of the most popular adventure destinations in North America. 1. Fun & Interesting Facts About Costa Rica . 4 Shares. Interesting facts about Costa Rica. A bridge built in 2003 in Northern Costa Rica is colloquially known as 'Backstab Bridge'. 27) Costa Rica is home to more than 100 protected areas which make up 25% of the landscape. Costa Rica aims to be the first ‘carbon neutral’ country by 2021. Still, it has slowed down, and studies suggest Costa Rica might never reach a population of 6 million. What determines this is the fact that Costa Rica is located between 8 and 11 degrees north of the equator. 1. Area: 19,730 square miles (51,100 square kilometers). Jaco Beach, Costa Rica. A blue zone is an area where lifespan is noticeably longer than the rest of the world. Editorial Staff. Costa Rica is slightly smaller than Lake Michigan. You may not know anything about Costa Rica, or you may think you know more than you do. In Costa Rica, an average person consumes about 5.4 liters of pure alcohol per year. By 2020, they plan to be a carbon-neutral country and run exclusively on sustainable energy and resources. Bananas and coffee are the two primary agricultural exports from Costa Rica. 4 years ago. It was paid for, designed and buil Many people in Costa Rica give coffee to babies (in their bottles) and young children. 4. Facts About Costa Rica Simple statistics cannot do justice to Costa Rica’s friendly people, stunning terrain, rich lands, and long history. The sun rises and sets at around the same time 365 days a year. 1. The above interesting facts about Costa Rica were carefully compiled to share some interesting information you probably never knew or have heard about the beautiful country called Costa Rica, those fun facts about Costa Rica are not all there is to know about Costa Rica, the next section would be dedicated to answering some popular questions with respect to Costa Rica facts. If you just bought your flights to Costa Rica, don’t forget to read up on some important facts about Costa Rica. 5 interesting facts about Costa Rica. Leading the world in carbon neutrality, Costa Rica runs on 100% renewable clean energy for an average of 300 days per year. Interesting Facts About Costa Rica. Juan Sancho. Extra Interesting Facts about Costa Rica. 1. Read on to learn something new about the Central American country! Nicoya in Coasta Rica is one of top five Blue Zones in the world. Costa Rica has a population of approximately 5.05 million, as of 2019. Isla Del Coco . The country is so much more than a travel destination, it is also a pretty awesome place to live! Here are some important things to know about Costa Rica and interesting facts about the country. Discover the most interesting facts about Costa Rica. The capital of Costa Rica is San Jose, a city with just over one million in population. Costa Rica has a population of 5 million inhabitants. Nestled between Nicaragua and Panama, Costa Rica offers unique travel experiences and breathtaking views, but what you don’t know about Costa Rica may surprise you!We’ve compiled a list of 10 interesting facts that will not only make you want to pack your bags, but you may just get that next Jeopardy question right. With coast on both sides, Costa Rica has an absolutely beautiful landscape. Costa Ricans call themselves Ticos and Ticas. Pura Vida “Pura vida” is commonly heard in Costa Rica—it means “pure life” and is often used as a greeting in lieu of “hello” and “goodbye” 2. Did you know that Costa Rica National Theatre… 2. General Facts about Costa Rica. Last updated on March 4th, 2020. 1. Jaco is the closest beach to San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica, at about 1 ½ hours away. Tweet. Add it to your Costa Rica bucket list, or gain more information to prepare for your upcoming stay. The highlands in Costa Rica are generally cooler than the rest of the country. Here are 6 interesting facts about Jaco. We haven’t been before and are very excited to finally make it to a destination that’s been high on our list. Its dry season starts from December and ends in April, the rainy season begins in May and dries out in November. Share. Interesting Facts About Costa Rica’s Landscape . 10 Costa Rica facts for kids. After reading this article, Costa Rica will be on the travel bucket list. Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . 1-5 Costa Rica Facts 1. If you know anything at all about Costa Rica, you’re likely aware that it’s tropical, beautiful, and a great place to go on a honeymoon. 1. 1. Home » Central America » Costa Rica. Check out our Costa Rica Adventure, a culturally rich, kid-friendly way to visit some of the most extraordinary destinations in Central America. Here are 22 interesting Costa Rica facts. Slightly smaller than West Virginia. 10 Facts About Costa Rica. To celebrate this we have found these 16 interesting facts about the beautiful island of Costa Rica: Costa Rica is a rugged, rainforested Central American country. 38. Whether you're an expat moving down to Costa Rica permanently, a snowbird escaping their for the winters, or just a traveler going on a vacation soon, you'll love these 50 fun and interesting facts about Costa Rica! In 2013, 625 people lost their lives as a result of traffic accidents. The most beer is beer – 60%, then spirit – 35%, wine – 4.5%, and other alcoholic beverages – 0.5%. Interesting And Fun Facts About Costa Rica. Our Costa Rica facts page contains an overview of articles that provide details about Costa Rica, its people, its history, government, political structure, social values, policies, geography, weather, plants and animals.These articles and pages are meant to educate and inform users of everything they want to know about Costa Rica. The staples of the Costa Rican diet are rice and black beans, along with bread, chicken or meat, vegetables, salads, and fruits. 2. 2. Did any of these interesting facts about Costa Rica surprise you? 3. 94% are of European or mestizo ethnicity. 4. Costa Rica is a tropical Paradise acclaimed by many tourists' thanks to its great natural biodiversity and its traditional “Pura vida” expression that perfectly describes their people, their culture and their landscapes. Below are some general info such as total population, land area, biggest lake, highest mountain and other general facts about Costa Rica that might be interesting to know. Costa Rica is a tropical haven in Central America, but there are plenty of facts I bet you didn’t know about this small, peaceful, eco-diverse country. Costa Rica’s national dish is gallo pinto (“spotted rooster”). Colones If you check cash of Costa Rica, you will be amazed to see beautiful landscapes and unique animals, which are selected from the vast biodiversity. By. In 2015, it pledged to become Earth’s first carbon-neutral nation by 2021 (having a net zero release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere). Some of the most interesting facts about Costa Rica stem from its commitment to environmental issues. A small country without a standing military that has made waves internationally for its efforts in conservation, Costa Rica has the ability to surprise just about anyone. Costa Rica’s government is a democratic Republic with a President as head of state. Here’s everything you need to know about it. This number grew considerably in the past two decades. 3. The country of Costa Rica is slightly smaller than the American state of West Virginia. Interesting Costa Rica Facts 1. Are you ready for your own Costa Rica travel adventure? Costa Rica is an amazing country with so many interesting things to know. Total Population: 4,9 million people; Capital: San Jose; Life expectancy: 77 years; Highest Mountain: Cerro Chirripo (3820 meters) Cigarettes are very cheap in Costa Rica (under US$1.50 per pack) According to the Costa Rican Constitution, Roman Catholicism is the official state religion. Less than 1% of Costa Ricans are of indigenous ancestry. Share 4. It’s always good to know the basics about the country you’re visiting especially as there are many common misconceptions about Costa Rica.. This location makes Jaco a very popular tourist spot, as well as a favorite local’s beach. Capital City: San José. You may also know that it has some of the world’s best surfing and sport fishing. Here are some additional facts about Costa Rica that you don’t normally find in the travel guides. Interesting Facts About Costa Rica. Society in Costa Rica. Food is generally eaten with a spoon, forks are rarely used. Nuria October 26, 2011 15. But the facts do paint a colorful picture of this Central American nation, where democracy has prevailed for more than 60 years , Catholicism is the state religion, the government is stable, and the environment is of great importance. A quarter of Costa Rica’s land space has been set aside for national parks and refuges making it an awesome place to visit and see wildlife. 56 Interesting Facts About Costa Rica. Costa Rica experiences a tropical and a subtropical climate. Interesting facts about Costa Rica – government and capital city. Here, it is not uncommon to see someone walking around with a machete! Costa Rica is among the few key players that care about it, interesting facts about Costa Rica. Updated: April 8, 2020 by The Planet D. At the end of this month, we are traveling to Costa Rica for the first time. 20 Interesting facts about Costa Rica. [Public Domain].Here’s our roundup of the most interesting Costa Rica facts: 1. There are 800 miles of coastline, both on the Atlantic and Pacific. It was also very funny when driving with Corinne, a friend crossed on the way greeted us with great machete movements! 19 Interesting Facts About Costa Rica. Did you know these facts about Costa Rica? 1. 0 Comment. 20 Interesting Facts about Costa Rica. The people here follow a healthy lifestyle by eating organic food and sleeping for 8 hours. It’s amazing how the smallest and poorest countries will be the first to save our planet, interesting facts about Costa Rica. The official name of the country is the Republic of Costa Rica. (Source: New York Times) 10. In search of some facts about Costa Rica?

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