Can Homeopathy cure Nasal Polyps ? Sinus problems, including sinus pain, afflict some 30 million Americans annually. Homeopathy offers cures for post-nasal drip that are safe, successful and shorn of side-effects. What is Homeopathy? In the list of all major … By treating Post Nasal Drip with Holistic remedies, the causes as well as symptoms are addressed - resulting in a long-lasting solution to post nasal drip. Post-nasal drip occurs when your sinuses produce excess mucus discharge that runs down the back of your throat. Homeopathic remedies cannot have any physical effect, if they are prepared according to homeopathic principles and labeled honestly and accurately. We use cookies to enable the best user experience. Always cease dosing when relief begins and only re-dose if symptoms again worsen. 1  To be clear, it's natural and normal for mucus to run down the back of the throat but you may not typically notice it … Ozæna, with ulceration of septum. The head pains can feel heavy, with bursting and throbbing pain and may be relieved by wrapping the head tightly. Dear M.W. I feel like a million bucks after taking this. Post-nasal drip (PND) is a common problem that occurs due to excessive mucus production by the nasal mucosa. It is the post nasal drip that causes nausea as the mucus you swallow turns to bloating, belching and gas. Home Remedies for Post-Nasal Drip … Stir thoroughly until the salt dissolves. Pulsatilla patients are typically thirstless, even with dryness of the mouth. The excess mucus that triggers it has many possible causes, including Use saline … Watery, excoriating discharge. Any homeopathic remedy that you believe will work, will work. Nasal Irrigation. This obstruction causes the mucus to drain down to the throat instead of going through the nose, where it can be extracted by blowing your nose. One must match the “characteristic symptoms” (ie, unusual or peculiar) of the person you are caring for (not the common ones like headache, sore throat, cough, fever, etc.) Not all conditions will respond to homeopathic treatment. These symptoms have been collated by a visitor to our site under the name Postnasal Drip. Sleep on propped up pillows, to keep the mucus from collecting at the back of your throat 4. I am a firm believer in homeopathic medicines. If you or someone you know is experiencing sinus pain and their symptoms match those of one of the remedies in this article, dose with that remedy using either a 30C or 200C potency to start - placing one pellet under the tongue or one pellet in water, stirring vigorously and taking teaspoon doses as needed. If you don't - you or they will either feel no effect or one that is mildly positive at best, but there is never a bad effect from choosing the “wrong” remedy. Postnasal drip is caused by an excess of mucus, which tends to develop inside of the throat.There are many reasons why postnasal drip occurs, though most of … You can arrange remedy from any near homeopathic pharmacy and you can also order remedy online. Nasal Irrigation. : Postnasal drip is the drainage of fluid, usually mucus mixed with pus, from the lining of the sinuses and nasal passages. As I write this article, the pollen count outside is at a high. Since homeopathy uses the body's own defenses to combat infection, this line of treatment is comparatively non-intrusive. She was born and raised in New York. Post nasal drip is a common symptom of a cold or allergies that occurs when the nasal membranes become obstructed 2. for professional medical advice. You may feel worse when blowing the nose; from cold in general (you will find yourself hypersensitive to cold, pain and touch); in cold air; and in cold and dry weather. It’s a very irritating and uncomfortable situation to deal with and can affect people of any age. Just because you're noticing a lot of mucus in your throat, doesn't necessarily mean you're suffering from postnasal drip. Steam Inhalation. Tthe differential diagnosis of two medicines - in Kali bi there is more stringy like discharge, but in hydrastis more thick discharge. You should not use this site as a substitute It reduces overproduction of mucus and also a natural decongestant. Constant urge to clear the throat - Frequently clearing one's throat can trigger coughing, which tends to get worse at night. Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Post Nasal Drip. Homeopathic sinus infection remedies stop your nasal congestion and post nasal drip. Does flonase help post nasal drip ... Can post nasal drip cause nausea. In fact, it might just mean you have an allergy to dust, pollen, or even certain foods. Homeopathic remedies cannot have any physical effect, if they are prepared according to homeopathic principles and labeled honestly and accurately. I drink at least 1and half pints of water a day and my diet is heavy with green and orange veg. Post nasal drip with blood. One of the most common causes of postnasal drip is an allergy. Dr. Samet sees patients in her Montreal office as well as long distance using Skype. Homeopathy offers cures for post-nasal drip that are safe, successful and shorn of side-effects. Understanding the cause of post-nasal drip may help some sufferers to avoid bothersome symptoms. It … Some portion of the mucus may trickle down post-nasally into the throat causing hawking, hoarseness and a dry, rough cough from continual tickling in the throat.

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