If you have a berserk / horn of the buffalo, you can lower the agi. What happens, is if you’re under ruwach, and use a smokie card to hide, you WILL pull hiding off; and if timed correctly, you can dodge Asura’s, spells, and what not with it. The monk / Champion, has a unique system that its skills are based on; the manipulation of spirit spheres. Besides that, a champion has a great potential acquired through hard work. I have played ragnarok for 11 years already pRO, MYRO, iRO, Quantuma raiders Online etc, etc, etc. Monk will have Champion as its Transcendent Second Class and Shura as its Third Class. See Monk Builds for leveling strategies for just the Champion leveling stages. Tata's Ragnarok Mobile Guide Ragnarok Online … Too bad they’re pretty bad in PvP, unless you know how to use them. Pretty much the only way to kill these buggers solo is to RPS them into a wall, snap towards em, and keep RPSing them against the wall til they die.. Haven’t dueled many, just don’t let desperado get you; snap away if it does. I really enjoyed reading this post, I always appreciate topics like this being discussed to us. i tried it(coz i have one), and it works.. @miguel: nop gloom is ghost This is one of the best builds for PVP because you won’t be needing expensive equipment in order to dominate your opponents. not recommended for PvP and woe. Hey can u make the mvp guide whit more info plsss send me a pm if u do it ok, sorry im still a noob, what do u mean by 2 race and 2 elemental? Stack a raydric card or noxious in the wool, and a sohee, green ferus, or verit in the tidals. Actually exist many combinations and equipment better than this. Armor: Valkyrjas Armor(Ghostring) Ideally, you should try and absorb the opposing champ’s spirit spheres as soon as he casts them. For WoE: For WoE, you have two choices. Zen summons the 5 spheres in the time summon spirit sphere takes to summon one. i cant asura strike Gloom Under Night? Its cheap and good for beginners. [Classic] Champion\Monk Guide - posted in Classic Class Guides: Some input on AGI Monks is appreciated as its not something Ive used much or really cared for. Also 110 base atk, not just 60. Double Attack Katar Assassin. Fuujin – convicned me to play monk. You have 1204. This skill is ALWAYS neutral. Sharpshooter + Strafer Sniper. I find it easy to train this way. Add damage and defense against undead / demon property monsters. Now, the raging palm strike canceling. Occult dance them, or pull an asura. Pull off an asura, or occult them. Hodremlin – in a valk shield.. you have a really good def against a LOT of monsters. It is possible to cast asura directly after snap. So you’ve decided to play the Mage in Ragnarok Mobile. So easy painless leveling: Asura strike, bwing IMMEDIEATLY, heal, summon spirits, fury, spirits, warp to thors, etc. Follow acolyte leveling just like the War Champs. Ragnarok Online Mobile Unlimited Ashura Technique, Shura PVP Versus MVPS. Weapon Builds 1. Your ultimate ragnarok mobile guide for Archer, Hunter, and Sniper! Valkyrian Armor – +1 all stats, and a combo champ uses 5/6 stats. Asura strike will ALWAYS hit, unless your opponent hides, or is in a safety wall. Although as we all know that this guide is a bit. >,< i dun understand. Save the great natures, (you should break them apart into green lives, quest required), and bam, you have tons of zeny. You can use this skill on monsters, and it gives 2x the monster’s level back in SP. The best tactic, it's waiting for sinx Sonic Blow, and when SinX has a 2-second delay after Sonic Blow, make asura strike to him. Titan Quest: Ragnarok Runemaster Class Guide. Your ultimate guide for Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. In Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love, you’ll want to level up your character as fast as possible to become an insane farming machine, or be powerful enough to take down all foes in PvP and War of Emperium.You’ll spend most of your time in Ragnarok M grinding levels, so … In fmy opinion a good Gypsy can be thougher than a good Clown. @newchamp – that combo isn’t as useful as it looks like =\. Also, for TSS/ OI, use a 2x hydra stunner. If you play champ without those, then… well.. I’m not going into it. Int 47+23 This will allow you to launch occult impacts many times faster then if you do them normally. str always maximum Every combo skill’s damage will add to the damage of the previous ones. It has some delay but the ninja wont be able to pull off much damage in that small delay. Dex should never be higher than str. I see u know much about playing Champ ~:) This Equipment is necesary to kill any MVP on Rangarok Online. Time time time~. Now, snap twice, with a little pause (less then a sec), and asura again. Characters start out as Novices (except Doram race), then once they reach Job Level 10 they can choose between a variety of first job classes. This comprehensive guide is part of a series that will cover the Mage, Wizard, High Wizard and Warlock. So you won’t have to heal as much. Thats the Tirfing mob. Outdated? Ragnarok Online Mobile Unlimited Ashura Technique, Shura PVP Versus MVPS. To do this, you need to snap, pause, and snap again. And dude, that Snap-Asura combo works very well dude! For Champion, it is your preference. Use all the equipments mentioned above with the steel body and asura strike. Ok. All of this information below is directed for War Champs. Note: Since this guide is primarily a champion guide, monk information will be minimum. I have a question, im trying to use my morpheus’s set on my champion, with base 99 str, how do you get to 120 without buff food? beat +9LBW yet? use a cranial orlean’s server + 2 orlean’s gloves. You are a comboist~. Skip em, unless you can land a lucky asura. You can use. Timing is everything, practice by snapping around near a healer and just getting the Asura selector circle up after snap. Jadi setelah Acolyte, kalian bisa memilih berubah menjadi job Priest atau menjadi Monk. Keep in mind, that you can’t asura strike until 2 seconds after snap. High cast domination o_0 /gg. This is basically what happens when you snap far enough away from your enemy, the INSTANT you get damaged. Achievement Progression: 35.4%. Thanks Althares this really helped my Champion. If you know some other builds please leave a comment and share if you like this. Overall, this is awesome. Falcon muffler / fricco’s shoes – Great cheap combo, Vali’s Manteau / Vidar’s boots – another great combo happy.gif, +9 Orc Baby carded hood – +15 flee and +15% neutral resist? Mid HeadGear: Sunglasses(Incubus) my only question is why not a gangster mask for lower headgear, 15% less stun chance seems ideal. Oh one think though, Assassin Cross is really a pain in the arse. Ok. A widely used WoE build is 110 str, 130 dex. Some easy ones are. Reply. please help , how can i break a part those great nature to become green live ?? #EP2 Monk สาย COMBO เล่นยังไง Skill & Status. Recommended for: People who enjoy hitting fast. STR: 110-130 ROM It focuses on dealing as much damage as possible to enemies so that you can efficiently use your limited combat time to level up quickly. Valkyrie Helm Headgear Item  Description Valkyrie Helm [1] An ornate, winged helmet worn by the warrior maidens that serve Odin. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND CLICK THE NOTIFICATIONS BELL! Absorbs the spirit spheres you have, at 10 sp each. Decrease Agi him ASAP. Champion Sniper and Lord Knight are the strongest characters for pvp. All right. Comprehensive Guide to building a Monk In ragnarok, after Juno patch when 2-2 jobs were introduced, Monk became one of the most popular jobs, simply because of the versatility it offered in terms of gameplay. Orlean’s plate – same as stone buckler. You simply have to start the quest at the Monk Temple that is all the way east from Prontera, by talking to Master and then Elder Wuhai. Even i snap twice, the redish ( cri explo) still come back after 2 sec =/. Can i put the Card ”Lady Tanney” on my Shoes if possible. Hi everyone, this is my first time playing ROM and I found it very addictive. Only prerequisite skills, needed for monk skills. Magnum Break 1. Everything about Champion, skill tree, skill simulator and other important skill info like range, properties, requirements, required for, etc. Sign was mentioned in a newer version, but seeing that I haven’t bothered getting rights to edit the guide here (since Itakou didn’t tell us shit about giving our guides to RMS), it isn’t up there. Ok; addon: Snap- direct asura. Very long to get too, monk leveling is tedious. Always round it off to a digit dividable by 10, to get the bonus. Use it in combo with ruwach and snap. by MongJi 24 October 2018 15 October 2020 6 . You want to learn about the champion class. is +8 good enough? The most unused champ in the world, and BY FAR the most fun to PvM. 2x Nimble Gloves (or orlean’s if you can afford). @Chojiro; no. Already finished all main quest available at my level. However, if you feel that you can get your cast off with 120 str and dex, feel free to use that stat build. Steel Body uses 5 Spirit Spheres to temporarily set all damage received to 10% at the expense of reducing moving speed, attack speed (reduced by 25%), and being unable to use active skills. Monk will have Champion as its Transcendent Second Class and Shura as its Third Class. Currently playing 27 days straight. This build doesn't just rely on crit attacks, they also have skills like investigate, finger … You can move, between cast and hit, so that the opponent will be hit in a direction other away from where you casted from. with your equip and blessing i have only +29, http://img708.imageshack.us/img708/7203/buildr.png. Truthfully, the optimal weapon for a champion depends on the use of the champ. Usually combined with Lex Aeterna, MVPs with HP lower than 300-400k will kneel. The veteran PC players should probably know which job to choose and build, but … – @ 130 dex, you need 20 dex til instant, therefore 5% will give you just about 1 dex. Because it has same slot, but higher base and weapon level than chain. People who are willing to learn, and not whine. You NEED level 5 fury for ZEN. Trifecta Blow => Quadruple Blow => Raging Thrust => Glacier Fist => Chain Crush Combo => Guillotine Fist. Str-Int-Dex.This is Asura Monk build. Ok. Occult Dancing first. Whether its as a main or as an alt your powerful AoE spells will make your character a farming beast. Check out various builds like ADL, Trapper, and Blitzer. Currently playing 27 days straight. Str must be at least 120. WTF HAX GEMME ONE. I prefer getting the basic combo maxed (5 RTB, 5 RQB, 5 combo finish), then getting zen and snap, then getting 5 glacier fist and 10 chain crush combo; however it’s up to you. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Classes Explained guide will help bring you up to speed with the various different character options in mobile’s latest MMORPG. Monk with Ashura build is the most common. Dog Master: https://youtu.be/WyHEDaSS5s0 2.The Beautiful: https://youtu.be/Az9i7VqIFyw 3. If you get all this items and stats you will be able to kill anything. +10 chain (3) with either 3 abysmal knight cards, or 2 AK cards + 1 minorous card. please help me. Now, let me step back a bit. @phib-w/e – awakening always on, its just higher aspd less delay. @vidzkun: reflect THANKS!!! Ulle’s cap – +2 dex, AND A SLOT? Monk adalah job alternatif yang bisa diambil setelah Acolyte. Your Champion are weak, My Champion Can 1 HitKO In Just 1 Asura, You Know It’s just in the user… Download . On iRO, this skill is known as Mental Strength. Wear a marc/ ED, so you don’t get frozen with his frost joke. This stat is very important on a successful WoE’r. +5 str food is a must. Snap around, TSS him, go in for occults, pneuma spiral pierce (though like no one plays spiral here). Intelligence provides SP, and SP provides a greater Asura strike damage . Since the release of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love there has been a hype. imo just stick to incubus or w/e. I wear reduction gears since for me this build can be used against pretty much any class. The champ’s only *knockback* skill besides excruciating palm. For champ. CAN. Level: 98. Roll in the wool scarfs, and sell them to the community ^_^. hey are u using special skin or something? Check out various builds like ADL, Trapper, and Blitzer. Find a build or guide for all champions from all roles (top, jungle, mid, bot, support). Thara Frog Card Descrip... Ragnarok Online Gameplay - Game Walkthroughs, Click on my boobs if you are interested (. Pneuma, don’t let him get an AD on you. ROM SEA, ROM Global, ROM Europe. S9 Patch 10.23.1 custom dragon wing 5 all stat PROBUILDS.net is a quick guides tool for League of Legends players. ROM SEA, ROM Global, ROM Europe. Find here how to play, leveling, get equipment, Play and customize woe, bg, pvp and how to defeat mvps. Dex: 110+ (130 for WoE is what you should get ^_^) +7 V.Armor with TOP TGK You will need these spheres to cast various skills, including combos. Do you have build for WOE. Even more so, if you do not go job 50 High Aco, delete yourself. A Phen Card compounded clip or Morpheus's Equip Set is a must for MVPing with this build. why 87 str?. This stat is highly dependent on the equips you are wearing. Claws/Knuckles do 25% less on medium size, RMS->Misc database->Monster size vs Weapon Type. If you can’t do the quests, here are some leveling maps. Either way it comes down to the same thing: tarot card. After you get this a couple of times, start occulting again. ... Acolyte Stat Build. However, 1hko’ing LK’s and pally’s is difficult unless you get the right equips. * Informative Vit provides a higher HP pool, vit def, and lesser stun time . This is the way I raised my acolyte. Now, 110 dex asura’s are hella easy to dodge, and even if you have ruwach up, it gives more time for the enemy to anticipate. Other then that, use TSS and RPS to take them down. Marc – if you ever happen to PvP (people will laugh at you xD). Im thinking if would be good to use Observation on Valk’s armor, with the War build you posted you can easily get 3 dex, resulting a 135 dex total Share. Punch em to death, with either an elemental fist, or a fire endowed or asperiso’d berserk or barrage fist. Then again, if you can manage obtaining one of these babies, a few mil more on royal jellies shouldn’t hurt you =P. ). Now as a champion. “I’m slow, speed is my insecurity, that’s why I love this build.” This is one of my favorite builds so far. From the instant it starts, you will need to concentrate hard on the opponent’s moves and your counterattacks. When you cast this, it makes a green “safety wall” on the floor. Most Champs have 5x~7x VIT and you still being stunned constantly. Related Search: Rangarok ... You are here looking for:  Rangarok Wallpapers, Assasin Cross Wallpapers, Wallpapers Assasin Cross, Assasin Cross Female Wallpaper. variant shoes. Look no further, 99porings.com got you covered! This is a Monk Job Quest Guide of Ragnarok Online. (So you should just use ur brain on this one /facepalm). I'm now Adven. RO Acolyte Leveling Guide : Revo-Classic & Re:Start By admin November 27, 2017 No Comments. Watch, RPS to knock em out of a pneuma, its also a huge powerhouse. >_>. It provides the strength for TSS, Occult, and contributes to Asura Strike damage. is there a specific weapon to use? Play like the Pros. Also, using a frilidora garment was also mentioned; before I get a comment on it. Unless you have fury on, it will consume one spirit sphere. Replies. the reason I kinda need high str is probably finger offensive/throw spirit sphere is really deadly against snipers/wizards in pvp. Swordsman speed level build guide before you start, keep in mind that a champion is one of the hardest classes to get, and has a high learning curve for advanced techniques. Passive skill, and like a thief’s double attack, will initiate while attacking. Fast casting of throw spirit sphere, occult, Long hours of grinding to level (especially at sleepers). So, im now lv 69 base and 39 job as monk, atm i have a one hit ko investigate build for dustiness with 1400 atk and 220%atk speed, when i turn in5o champion which is the best build to do? Build Help [build help] 27 days straight playing ROM. Dog Master: https://youtu.be/WyHEDaSS5s0 2.The Beautiful: https://youtu.be/Az9i7VqIFyw 3. tapos! So you’ve decided to play the Mage in Ragnarok Mobile. Garment / Shoes Here I tell ya. You can see the damage, but the damage isn’t applied on you. This came from legacy, where a majority of the WoE’rs COULD hide-dodge asura, even the 130 ones. Full information on Acolyte skills can be found by clicking, Full information on Monk Skills can be found by clicking, Full information on Champion Skills can be found by clicking. Chaos Blade with top arc angeling They excel at PvP and last hitting MVP. Long road to snap (takes up next 24~ points. There has been a lot of controversy about the weapon that a champion should use. Summon Spirit Sphere and Zen. Stack it w/ a phreeoni or a hydra if you ever manage to slot it @, Stunner (2) – stunning at 10% chance with a full combo and 176ish aspd is VERY NICE~, Odin’s Blessing (great, can be used with fricco, falcon, odin, fricca, and valk happy.gif). If you manage to get a slot, even godlier. Valkyrian Armor – adds +1 all stats, which is very useful. YOU. It is also, one of the most fun classes to play. Easy, you will level fast. Very effective, though not really a champion specific skill. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Classes Explained guide will help bring you up to speed with the various different character options in mobile’s latest MMORPG. Lowers cast, blah blah blah. Below is an image of a really well built and geared champ (using +7 str, vit, and int, and +8 dex) (skin of ventoss, 2x orlean’s gloves, and variant shoes; sorry my calc doesn’t have the translations yet). As everybody know,the best char that can kill mvps fast is the champion,so i'm goin to make a guide about the champ and this guide will contain the following stuff: 1.Introduce u to the skill to kill MvPs 2.Build 3.Equips 4.Skills 5.Where to lvl up 6.How to kill MvPs(i'm not goin to state all the mvps of RO ofc) 1.Asura Strike: Known for the one-hit skill, Guillotine Fist. Plan your characters' skills in Ragnarok Online ahead of time with this easy to use RO Skill Simulator and Planner. As a champion, you should be level 6x. Take out angel ears if you don’t need 99 base with them. Ok. The combo champion was not really intended for PK, so it will be left out of this part of the guide. Tidal Shoes, Wool Craft Orleans Clothes Orleans, Glove, Ulle’s Cap (5353 ang Sp ko) And Ang Weapon ko lich bone wand na may 2 Dex+ and 1+ Int kapag plus 9+ may free SP+ 300 lumalbas 4k lang ang asura koh! Painful. +10 demi resistance is never a bad thing. Build guides' links: 1. You can still cast your skills when you have “rooted” someone. Job 50 Acolyte is REQUIRED. Win win situation, use the stunner. The difference about clown/gypsy is that gypsy don’t freeze + arrow vulcan w/ wind arrow (easily conterable), but they can stun and slow you. ang hina nman ng mga champion nio ung akin champion 1 hko agad isang asura lng,, alm nio sa gumagamit lng un….e2 lng recommend q qng champ ang gmit nio dpat alm nio qng panu kontrhin ang enemy nio pra mdali nio xa ma kill u n lng…d q pdi svhin ang gmit q eh confidential…RECKONING-Ro po ang nilalaro q…. the other champ starts to heal. Reasoning: Having 130 str and 110 dex, and 110 str or 130 dex, you will have a higher DPS output using TSS having 130 dex. Snap away if they flying side kick. However, if you want to feel the pain, like I and so many others have. You can snap dodge asuras, EDP sonic blows, etc. * Note: There are many variants from stats to equipment. : Sorry for the english, I did my best xD. Shoes: Tidal Shoes(Sohee) Build Help [build help] 27 days straight playing ROM. Great to knock people out of safety walls, etc. Use spirit sphere absorb on the pasanas to regain SP. +10 Luna Kaleet or +10 Chain or +10 Lich\’s Bone Wand. Pre-Renewal (5) PVP (3) WOE (3) PVM (2) Renewal (2) ASPD (1) Assassin Cross (1) Asura (1) Champion (1) DPS (1) Devotion (1) Double Strafe (1) EDP (1) Grimtooth (1) Gypsy (1) Hunter (1) Instant Cast (1) Paladin (1) Poison (1) Rebellion (1) SB (1) Scream (1) Slow Grace (1) Sonic Blow (1) Sorcerer (1) Tarot (1) Traps (1) Which guides do you want to see more? Ragnarok M: Eternal Love has been out on stores for a while now, how are you enjoying the game so far? Throws all of your spirit spheres, to deal massive damage. Keep in mind, that this is a VERY hard technique to master. OI, deals great damage, but expect opposing champ to snap away if you try to land a couple of them on him. After your first job change, you can continue doing quests as they give lots of EXP or grind on Rockers, Willows and Wormtails. If u got High Dex,a Magnum break accesoirie is great to hit em out of pneuma and fastcast tss after that….and a nice combo for champs is hob+thorny to get a nice aspd for rps…and if u got a REALLY high dex (means 138+) u can do occult faster by occult->call spirit (zen costs to much sp for that ;P)->occult…and so on…, anyway u did a great job man …on what server are u currently playing,i want to duel you ;). lbw gives bonus sp and int when you reach +9 so its better. :D, good evening bro. With 110 str, and around 1400sp, you will be able to 1hko (1 hit kill) the kasa’s with Asura strike. One Hit Hammerfall Guide - Farming Tips Whitesmith Ragnarok Mobile - hammerfall whitesmith farming. While TSSing, asuraing, occulting, this card is GREAT to have. The veteran PC players should probably know which job to choose and build, but … Dex is higher then str. Can be followed up by Asura Strike, Glacier Fist, or Chain crush combo. * Well writen As an acolyte, I recommend you duel client and leech until job 50, with a ranged / magic class outside of Ice Dungeon. RAGNAROK M ETERNAL LOVE : FULL CHAMPION GUIDE!! Though the force of his punches are feared far and wide, the Monk realizes that he has neglected something very important—his spirit remains unsatisfied. Alice carded shield – boss damage reduction. I build my champ with full sp gear, but not morph set, fatasm ulle’s cap Trifecta blow is a passive skill, so it will initiate on its own, while regular attacking. For PvP: Use a +7-10 stunner (2) (slotted via the socket enchant npc), hands down. INT: 1+ int Ragnarok M: Eternal Love has been out on stores for a while now, how are you enjoying the game so far? PROBUILDS.net is a quick guides tool for League of Legends players. Str for physics atk. AGI: 80+ 255/120 rate.. 300 all stat.thanks! Stats: AGI 60 // DEX 99 // LUK 68. Morpheus’s Set (hood, bracelet, ring, shawl) – More sp = higher asura strike damage. Nice guide ftw. Put all stat on str for maximum damage since you will only rely on your basic atttack. Follow the acolyte point allotting the same way as the one on the Acolyte. OI is an attack that does more damage if the opponent has a higher defense. Trifecta Blow => Quadruple Blow => Raging Thrust, Trifecta Blow => Quadruple Blow => Raging Thrust => Guillotine Fist, Trifecta Blow => Quadruple Blow => Raging Thrust => Chain Crush Combo, Trifecta Blow => Quadruple Blow => Raging Thrust => Chain Crush Combo => Guillotine Fist, Trifecta Blow => Quadruple Blow => Raging Thrust => Glacier Fist => Chain Crush Combo, Trifecta Blow => Quadruple Blow => Raging Thrust => Glacier Fist => Chain Crush Combo => Glacier Fist. @dudeguy: my vids got deleted on filefront, I’ll reupload. If you’re using a sl stunner, keep pulling of RPS’s, and snapping away into a pneuma to heal. Choosing INT over DEX will ramp up the damage, but may not necessarily be better. you build him as you want him built. So leveling this badass. A Champion is the Transcendent variant of Monk. Character builds for TalonRO (Ragnarok Online Private Server) Sunday, April 27, 2014 [MVP/LEECH] Champion Asura Strike Build For MVPs and GJ Leecher at Morroc DG (Low-Funded) This Champion Asura Strike build is for those who want to kill MVPs and also 1 hit Incarnation of Morroc (Angel, Golem and Human). Or you could just leech ^_^. Ragnarok Online Gameplay - Game Walkthroughs Designed by Templateism.com Copyright © 2014. (138 dex /drool)… I played w/ a devi pet in legacy, and when it activated I had 136 (no food ofc). Revo Classic Sniper Guide. It’s med-fast cast time compared to other skills, and its beastly damage make it the champ’s most powerful skill besides asura. +8valk armor with garm inside You could either stick with the same PvP stunner, or go for a more expensive weapon. So I am looking for some straight forward easy to play build that can do all content. You’ll want to prioritize these Board quests first over the red Main Quests! You can cast asura strike, directly after raging palm striking. You want to pull off an asura, right? A fun little tactic is wait until he lays down the shockwave trap, then snap to the other side of him and RPS him into his own trap ^_^. Decrease agi him, snap near him and RPS. Champion adalah profesi yang cukup sulit untuk dimainkan. stunner: 2 cards, but u gotta go slot… This is just what I recomend if you are using a Champion You should know how to counter your enemy so it could be easy to kill him/her that’s all… After using quadruple blow, you can follow up to using raging thrust. Even with ruwach up, it is possible to hide this skill. So now we’ve finished the gears, we can get into the stats of a champion. Orlean’s Robes (1) – +15% cast time, no interruptions – this is great. You have skill to support yourself. Import Bjergsens Build into your game using Pro Builds by Blitz Download. Don’t ever do anything without this skill enabled. How to do it: This is by far the most cancelable skill. Semua balik lagi ke pilihan lo sebagai pemain. Uhmm for Champ vs LK tactics decrease agi seems useless because of charge attack.. just want to ask, is using the monk set (rideword, fur seal, waste stove, and green cookie = +10% asura) ok?.coz im planning to use that..thanks..^^. Do some exp reward quests (curse of gae bolg, etc) to get you into the high 7x’s. Don’t listen to any cold endow rubbish. Again, timing is the key issue. VS Champ: Absorb then efist and hope that you're faster than your opponent. Go read the ninja section again zzz. Search for leveling spots, skill guides, equipment guides, pet guides, card guides, and rune guides! Just max out asura, zen, get snap. Use your full arsenal of skills on a champion; Now, if asura is permitted, you can easily dodge the asura with snap-dodging or a hide clip. i have a question … why lich bone wand instead of powerful maces? Stat Build 5. Damage versatility with the use of elementalarrows but gear dependent, and end game gears are expensive Arrow Storm (Dex/Vit/Luk/Agi) Best build for GvG due to AOE of Arrow Storm DPS – ADL The Stats AGI 119DEX 119LUK - the… Skip to content. You can do many tricks with this skill (see adv techniques). Ok. which weapon deal more Asura damage??? Easier then clown, slightly. Of course he was at 100%, but in real you're not alone and you have party behind you. Now, we will give you a guide of the class. angelic wing. Stunner and chain almost have teh same dmg outputs… Think about leveling in thors with a hunter. Build Skill Untuk Job Monk (Acolyte/Monk/Champion) – Ragnarok M: Eternal Love SEA. If they’re EDP’d, then make sure they don’t touch you. Dispell + Sp stealing. * Good for n00bs whom plays champion. Watch, You can snap directly after casting, and hit someone out of a corner. - if you get close to OI, they can Arrow Repel you to far away (fasting re-switching to a shield/rope, nothing exceptional if they know you are trying to approach); Summon spirit sphere summons 1 spirit sphere at a time, but Zen summons all 5 possible at once. Odin’s blessing (1) – (paired with ulle’s cap) – Of course, good, but only use it if you can’t get a valk armor. Archer and Mage class is your best freind for you. :) this is my opinion..thanks!. At level 5, all spheres will do 250% damage, even if you have only 2 up. Back. Helps out aspd a LOT. That step will take the longest time. Information very nice. First of all, Snap in front of your enemy and Palm Push Strike him/her 2x (or 3x if you can.. >.<), and LOL~, that fvckin` delay will disappear! you can kill them all with ashura damage 999999. Taunt 10. The build for the War Champ is fine. INT : 90+ It only took 10 years, but a long-overdue Titan Quest expansion has arrived, offering a whole new mastery to this classic ARPG! by Ty Arthur. Yes, AGI. Your reaction time matters heavily in a champ duel. ang gamit ko (Lady Tanee, Isilla, Maya Purple, Cranial, Ghostring, Develing Mantis2pcs, Card ) Yan ang mga card koh! Int for max sp. DEX: 50+ However, it's more difficult in grinding with Ashura build rather than Steel Body build. Who likes me new build Nice guild we should have a 1 on 1 champ sometime.. i’m looking forward to batlle you.. im currently playing at kyrieRO. (str=max, int=90, dex=no points anymore, vit=50), Very, Very, Very, Very, Very,Very, Very, Very, Very, Very,Very, Very, Very, Very, Very,Very, Very, Very, Very, Very,Very, Very, Very, Very, Very,Very, Very, Very, Very, Very,Very, Very, Very, Very, Very,Very, Very, Very, Very, Very,Very, Very, Very, Very, Very,Very, Very, Very, Very, Very,Very, Very, Very, Very, Very,Very, Very, Very, Very, Very,Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, excellent stats and equip for champ thanks.

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