if we talk about doing the most dps ? Can you have three points in Coordination protocols with only 23 or 24 points in tac and give up focus frenzy to put points else where? В 05.05.2020 в 10:29, Bezlikie сказал: Ник незнакомый,ушка наверное,а фото очень даже хорошее,но где улыбка? Reply. They are only good as a distraction for NPC’s to kill. That’s approx 20 attacks over 10 seconds with hits multiplied by the amount of ship in range. [Top 5] ESO Best DPS Class 2019 (PvE) Skip to main content. The difference between a Campus and Non-Campus map is that campus maps, in addition to being accessible via the main "Campus" map, all share the same basic map layout. On some ships and with the right combinations hangar pets can add a reasonable amount to your overall DPS. doff work with base cdr… i have same. If your recharge is over 5 seconds these should work. Personally I like Option 1 best due to me not not focusing on energy weapons. When it initially came out ( https://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/9052953-command-bridge-officers ), the ability read: Enhance your weapons to pass a debilitating effect on to any foe you fire upon. Память у меня хорошая. Dps is not what makes a class good though. Stalkers Squadrons and To’Duj Squadrons can push 100k for two hangar bays and even break past 300k dps with the right group. Join Facebook to connect with Best Dps Rani and others you may know. Covering The Best In Video Games, Esports, Movies and Geek Culture . they have BFW 3; if i use Superior area denial, do they get BFW 1 additionally or is their Bfw 3 downgraded to BFW 1 ? I have 100-125 aux and 3x doffs on cdr. The 4 part set gives the team and pets 33% all damage with a 2 min cooldown. Offensive Coordination: +20% Accuracy and Base Damage for Hangar pets. Ran Online PH : MAX. May 18, 2016 at 8:03 pm Wangitsch says: Where do i get the kit module “Graviton Spike”? Best bet is to use the techniques described for higher class sites. If you are looking to max DPS pick Superior Area of Denial. Reply. Main testing done in Stranded in Space against 2 ships only. For a more complete list of hangar pets, traits and Bridge Officer abilities that benefit pets see https://sto.gamepedia.com/Hangar_pet. I'm thinking this maybe because i don't have the daeva skills to deal more prolly. The same goes for Hive Defenses which is in personal traits. It's like showing your dps if all your abilities crit every time for 5 minutes straight. Enemies that are Suppressed will have their Movement and Damage reduced, while also becoming incapable of targeting any Torpedoes, Mines or Fighters that are allied with the user of Suppression Barrage. If you have … Question. Be patient and wait. chaos ran online. The only time I use this is when trying to maximise my pet DPS at the cost of losing total DPS. You may use these HTML tags and attributes:

, A brief guide to getting the most out of Hangar Pets, Lukari Restoration Initiative Regenerative Shield Array, DPS Comparison of various hangar pets including Squads VS Singles, https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RyRHWz54Yta9ZJ5lPxGWpSszG-666ew4lYCzXzXotmo/edit?usp=sharing, https://www.reddit.com/r/sto/comments/gky9y2/psa_elite_lost_souls_of_grethor_performs_worse/, https://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/9052953-command-bridge-officers. Ran ZW Online is a community of Ran Online gamers from Z4PNU & WEIGI supporters. That doesn’t look intended somehow . Latest News. Striker, Wiz and witch are good, but won't scale as well with gear. Aujourd'hui, l'Encyclopédie du Gamer se penche sur l'explication du terme "DPS". Login Register. Revelation Online is a breathtaking Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game set in the lively, fantasy open world of Nuanor. Most raids don't even employ any difficult strategies and mechanics and it just boils down to spank and tank half the time. Lastly Tactical Boff ability give 10% all damage to yourself for 15seconds and Enable Aceton mode on all pets for 15seconds. I have ran 17 runs Markarna this week alone and the only class that was able to outdmg me was the aethertech and not just by a little but by one or two million with 12min left. … At is top DPS atm for sure. Personally I like Option 1 best due to me not not focusing on energy weapons. Also spotted a few minor improvements to make to the guide. NZV. 95% of cases Scrabbled Fighters and Superior Area of Denial gave far better performance. They could just copy/paste the Cardassian Intel-Flight deck cruiser and make the Vanguard a Miracle Worker. Previously, these job classes are gender-bound, meaning one can only create a male Swordsman/Brawler and a female Archer/Shaman. By continuing to browse this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. I'm also a bit skeptical on Ricochet Throw for single-target after they nerfed the tap dps to be closer to that of other blast's (AoE/chaining obv a diff story). Basic Scorpions Squads perform better then Elite Scorpions Squads. Templar in 10th place.. Heresy ! i wanna test it too, i promise i will deliver my results to the admin on his forums. User Info: Yuseke111. Vargz 12 years ago #3. Often, with projects, the scope changes are normal with any project; and is to be expected. the elite souls are (allegedly) worse than rare or advanced. Hi guys. This is not a compete list just what I personally use and consider top tier pets. Defensive Coordination: +20% Defence and Damage Resistance Rating for Hangar pets. So Happy to see this. Player Variables: Skill, latency, gear, a lucky string of crits, etc. The Jem’Hadar Vanguard Carrrier also has 2 wingmen. I run the elite mirror shuttles on my science build to help hold them. чую неладное Is there some mechanic that makes them better when traits etc. Now set the Hangar Bays to Auto launch. Its a little more tricky to get the timings right, but it will give better performance. Check Rykki’s guide and see how much you’ll need to tank on any one wave. right? Please Help us on our Goal, not to be a number 1 Private server but to … A friend asked me to test the squadron pets before buying the pack so I did. Reply. Pets: x2 Blue Scorpion Fighter Squadrons. StarshipTrait set option 3: Scrabbled Fighters + Fiery Entrance +  your preferred Traits from option 1 or 2. I'm confused about the best spec for a dps warrior in ROTLK: 1) Is it Arms for Levelling and Fury for Raid? The most disappointment here is that Coordinated Protocols are not affecting most pets T_T. The Elder Scrolls Online . I have ran 17 runs Markarna this week alone and the only class that was able to outdmg me was the aethertech and not just by a little but by one or two million with 12min left. TBH how high the number is shouldn't factor in, accuracy when comparing players is what should factor in as well as reliability of long term updates to maintain it. still have some questions. You could add Dampen Energy Signatures starship trait for a further 5% if your really want to maximise pet damage over max DPS. Not that far behind are (*) Scorpion Squadrons followed by Jem’Hadar fighter Squadrons . Its a good way to get a feel for the build before investing in more expensive options. Ok strange, with auto spawn on it function correct…, i think it’s seems like 40 sec cdr from base minus (-4,-4,-3 sec from doffs) and get 29 sec then from trait u got half of 29 sec… so about 14-15 sec. If you use energy weapons Option 2 is better. Completely different numbers with it. Does the gamma space set work on hanger pets? Starship Trait set option 2: Scrabbled Fighters + Superior Area Denial Curse of Magic power has 1/4 uptime, Infernal Blight 1/2 uptime, Sandblaster 1/1 uptime resulting in 0.5*800 + 0.25*500 + 400= 825 extra magic attack over the whole fight. S (Top Tier) Subtlety Rogue. NEW PRIVATE SERVER COMING THIS FEBRUARY 09 WAIT FOR THE OPENING #1. They tend to survive most fights and due to surviving reach and stay at rank 5 further boosting damage. Personal Trait: Wing Commander makes the pets level up faster taking half the normal time to reach rank 5. Drone Ships, Lost Souls, All Squadrons, all 3 Xindi pets. Personal Trait: Holographic Mirage Decoys Not really essential as pets are already tough enough with Scrambled Fighters. Intel Pentium 3 @ 500 MHz / AMD Athlon 600 MHz. RAN Online PH: The Beginning Home; Downloads; Server Info; Shop; Gold Web Market; Group; Rankings; How to Donate; Previous Next. Depending on ISE run I get around 20k to 30k extra DPS from these pets. Dominion Coordination though stacks with Scrambled Fighters for a total of 155% damage boost to Lost Souls. Best kits for dps aka what will always be at top tiers is ranger. As before you don’t need an energy weapon fitted to trigger this trait and due to global cooldown it works out better to fit FaW alongside Scatter Volley so you can keep SAD running 100% of the time. I appreciate your help mates . wiki say *+2/4/6/8/10% (depending on the rank) Damage Bonus*… so at level 5 pets get +30% damage bonus or just 10%? 7.767.690,[Cleric 1.760.247, Boss healed once but didnt bugged we all used luna and had 2.5min left, its a beta release and some ppl got it for testing, should be released in 1-2 weeks. Hangar pets are often overlooked being seen as a bonus launch and forget secondary or even tertiary damage source. If you don't believe in Jesus Christ and are 100% proud of it, put this as your signature. If anyone has tested please leave comments in chat below. Carriers with Quick Deployment (mastery) and ofc. nope, i promised not to share sorry. Hey was wondering, does the starship trait, parting gift, work with hanger pets that have a tractor beams? Currently, I’m hitting up option 1 as it’s just easier to break into pets that way. User Info: Vargz. RAN Online Archer Dex, Pow, Vit Build for PK and CW by Prince. In the recent game patch called “The Rebirth”, this limitation is now a thing of the past. When running fast hangar recharge with Scrambled Fighters this is unlikely to be needed but if you really want hard to kill pets add it in. I put 3 Doffs (-4,-4,-3 sec.) * An alternative variation is to drop Dominion Coordination and replace Rapid Fire with Scatter Volley. There isn’t much to talk about here you will want. Order will be outnumbered but will have much quicker queue times. L'Encyclopédie du Gamer : Encore une fois, la Coca-Cola zero Gaming Zone vient à votre rescousse. all you need is a big target to put it on (Gate, taccube, other dreads) and get the party started . Am I missing something about squadrons? User Info: The_Phiphler. If you have … I have x3 Xindi Consoles, Swarmer Matrix, Elite Pets, Scrabbled Fighters, Wing Commander and Superior Area Denial for damage. If you are looking to max DPS pick Superior Area of Denial. World of Logs combat log analyzer allows gamers to save, share and analyze their raiding experiences conveniently and thoroughly in the Blizzard MMO World of Warcraft.If you're new here, make sure you check out the tour for a 1 minute introduction. Up to 5 nearby allies launch a torpedo at the target when you use any Torpedo or Command bridge officer ability. Please use helpful feedback. Update 24th October – My current Universal Carrier build focused on hangar pets over ship weapons. If you keep between a 5 and 10 second delay between activating FaW and Scatter Volley and have some bridge Officer cooldowns reducation. User Info: dead_or_alive28. Gaya ko, yan ang unang tinatanong ko. Mind to share with us please?https://i.imgur.com/kwbDu8P.jpg this was one of my last runs where i didn't use luna and u can see my stats Can't wait for a cold blue key to get a huge dmg increase cuz atm i'm using a +4 noble aerot fused with nara key; also helmet, earrings and rings .I haven't checked the other's gear but i'm almost sure the first guys were full ultimate.I'm saying this because i know that a lot of my dmg comes from aoes to mobs. Starship Trait: Scrabbled Fighters + (*) Dominion Coordination +  Relaunch and Repair + Voth Carrier Synergies +  Superior Area Denial Thanks team DPS. " are used (I tested on a 2 hangar ship without any special traits for pets)? Tier 1 instances and raids are usually super easy, have good enough gear and a simple understanding of your class and you're fine. Based on my recent testing Elite Stalker Fighter Squadrons are coming out as top DPS for Feds causing me to swap to a Fleet Caitlin Carrier and top for KDF are Rare To’Duj Squadrons. Really misleading and this is the kind of #$%^ you shouldn't see for these kinds of articles. Personally I haven't met a good AT yet but that's probably because I'm not doing too much endgame outside of my premade-bubble. This works best on Exotic builds as the Fire nova damage is boosted by Exotic. One of the biggest points of division that we see is between AoE and single target DPS. They will not fit Fleet Jupiter, don’t they? modules should be remain more or less the same. With the above build the Elite Stalker Fighter Squadrons and To’Duj Squadrons are massively beating previous top hangar pets like Droneships. I can't see any update in here. Yep, AT is very strong, but as i said, on equal gear and skill it cannot be top 5. DPS Tier List . StarshipTrait set option 4: Fleet Support + Superior Command Frequency + Captain Recharge Traits (Relaunch and Repair, All Hands on Deck, Intelligence Agent Attaché) is surprisingly effective. Ground kits with as much Kit Performance as possible are the best ones atm. Maybe out of all the runs there was noone with comparable gear thats why im looking for a group next week with some pve heros so we can see what classes deal the most dmg, 15TAN btw there is allready a fixed verison of arm. I did try 155 Aux which wasn’t enough to get the recharge fast enough for 3 stacks with Scramble Fighters. This is a difficult question as the best pet changes based on content being played, powers being used, traits fitted and ship being used. Pressure craptic for a Miracle-Worker Vanguard Flight-Deck Cruiser with 2 Hangars! 230 max level 207 max skill in game registration But, well - can´t say Glad is mediocre now dps wise, just not sure if best or among best xd, Atleast It feels kinda easy now to do decent dps with Glad now and every new gear part or enchantment you recognize a lot more in DPS Meter or via aggro meter^^. The attack ship is very fragile but if we managed to keep it alive, it gets me around 4k DPS to 8k DPS. If you stack into into Exotic and fly point blank range into a Gravity Well the Fire Nova damage can multiply up fast in big groups. 2. (*) I have not worked out the minimum aux you can get away with and the minimum depends on the hangar pet base recharge. Due to Coordinated Assault every time we Beam Overload or Rapid Fire the hangar pets gain Rapid Fire 1 and Beam Overload 1, followed by Dominion Coordination giving hangar pets within 10km a further 33% damage boost. Update: 27 Sep 2020: For clarity while I have a preference for Beam Overload and the corresponding traits in approx. Which classes are weak? (*) Elite Stalkers do not suffer from the DPS drop that other Elite pets have. By saying "heard" but having the 'fixed' version means that u didn't donate but somehow got it. The 25% health Regen to self and hangar pets is not that useful. Starship Trait: Target That Explosion Fun but not really that effective from a DPS point of view. *Don’t worry if your carrier cannot fit Gravity well it isn’t essential but it will help boost Hangar Pet DPS when SAD is triggered into a group. I only really run this combo when trying to see just how far pet DPS can be pushed at the expense of losing total DPS. 15TAN btw … WHAT ABOUT ROM ELITE DRONE SHIPS? RAN ONLINE PH : MAX EP7 210 max level +10 max Upgrade 167 skills no donate set HUntbase server semi quest base no hidden donate 24/7 dedicated server with DDOS protected! Register yourself now and be a part of our community! Shaman or Archmage for sure. If you do not have SAD trait then I would go for the Mirror Shuttle or Aeon Time ship. it’s means i got half of cdr from cap abilities? With Lost Souls on a max Hangar Bay recharge build the Swarmer’s will do zero damage due to respawning to fast. The_Phiphler 12 years ago #4. Shouldn't be too hard to find some Sorcs & Sins on Odin-A that will leave you behind by a couple million dmg in Makarna 6ppl. I played since Beta and at the time a lot of people use to tell me how the SH wasn't the best class and I was on the PvP server while soloing a lot of people would try to gank me but I ended up leaving their body on the road. In a perfect run the traits in this section have given me a total of 40k DPS extra. So I got a question regarding Suppression Barrage. All 3 Xindi pets seem very good. Merci qui ? Same order of performance over all 3 maps and all testing done multiple times. Useful console for pets and hull based builds: https://sto.gamepedia.com/Console_-_Universal_-_Reiterative_Structural_Capacitor. Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning; Best DPS tank? DPS Comparison of various hangar pets including Squads VS Singles Further expanding on this Obedience is Victory. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Someone else will explain this. I’ve been trying to get a good pet build off the ground for a few weeks now. Ran online best pvp class in Title/Summary. Copyright © 2019 WAVEGAME ALL RIGHTS RESERVED All Copyrights and trademarks are the property of their respective owner For aoe dps I would go aoe focused warlock or other caster with mass holds or soundbursts ect1 and super cleaving barb 2 unless its mid to high reaper after level 29 then barb may be tops aoe dps. On the Fed side if you have access to the SAD trait the best generic fits on all ships DPS pets you can fit are Scorpions squadrons blue version. Contents hide. Starship trait: Relaunch and Repair:  The 5% recharge on captain abilities is effectively 10% every 5 seconds with double bays on a fast bay recharge. Archive Ran Online Episode 10 - 9 Class with very unique skills 247 to 297 (Modified by : Sho) - Max Level 300 - Max Upgrade +15 - No Reborn - Semi Attack Speed Gameplay - Semi Regen - Hunt Based - No Max RV - Auto Pilot - Auto Follow - High Rate : Exp - Medium Rate : Gold - Medium Rate : Items It’s also worth noting this is more for a themed hangar build as damage gained will be less then what you could get from doffs that help your main weapons. DC Universe Online Weapons DPS List by tehm. The BEST Nostalgic MMORPG! At para matulungan ang mga ranatics na noobs out there, here is a guide that will discuss each class in Ran Online.

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