You can see that numbers 1 and 2 look best on the front, 3 is starting to pucker, a number 4 is very puckered and pinched up. And here’s a beautiful heirloom baby dress with twin needle pintucks. Do i need to have no strain on the hem through walking etc? Any idea why the bobbin thread is only catching one of the twin threads? Loosen the screw that holds your current needle and carefully remove it. Here are two configurations of what that might look like (please excuse the mismatched thread in the first picture). Great site! Thank you so much for posting your tips, Melly especially about the Klasse needles and leaving long tails. This will help prevent tangling. The second row of stitching adds extra strength, while the zigzag provides the stretch needed to keep the threads from breaking. Thank you. Just about to start twin needling my knit hem and have all the info I need. (My machine has settings 1-8, so these are 2 step increments.) I used a narrow diameter drinking straw to stack my thread spool and then my top bobbin on top of my sewing machine. Is it just cos the garments are too tight? To create pin tucks, choose a double needle with a narrow distance between the points. Hi Melissa – Hi from the UK. It is one of my New Year Sewing resolutions to do more sewing with a twin needle. Collins Needle Threaders - 3-pack. Holding the two threads together, thread the machine as if you were only using one thread until you get to the needles, then separate the threads. Use a stretch twin (blue bar on Schmetz brand) when sewing knit fabrics, and a regular twin needle (red bar on Schmetz brand) for sewing woven fabrics. $1.99. I threaded as directed on your website and several others, two threads via the regular route then through each needle, however; I end up with only a regular line of stitching on my practice fabric scrap (the inner needle does not seem to connect with the bobbin for some reason). See Options $3.99 $2.99 Save 25% Inspira Wing Needle. I have a really old Pfaff, it seemed to twin needle fine on non-stretch fabrics but now I can’t get it to work at all. Usually when I have issues with skipped stitches, rethreading nearly always solves the problem. Your advice is WONDERFUL!!! shows you how to use a twin needle on your sewing machine. It’ll be very helpful for me. It sounds like a threading problem to me. That’s very interesting. This was SUPER helpful! I use my twin needles on my regular sewing machine mostly for hemming stretch fabrics, and therefore I prefer Klasse’ Twin Ballpoint Needles Size 80 – 4.0mm. You can try looking for your machine manual online. Several years ago I tried with the universal twin needles,from Joann’s and didn’t have much success. Schmetz Stretch Twin Needles - Size 4.0 75/11. Thanks, alix. Twin needles come in various widths and needle types. I hope your experimenting works out well , Great info! That means I need to lower my tension. All Rights Reserved. If your machine is skipping stitches or tangling your threads, remove and reinsert your bobbin and rethread your machine. Raise your tension to a high setting and test to make sure you get the desired result. Another tip that saved me so much headache is to use the walking foot with the twin needle for very stretchy, slippery fabrics. Welcome! If you HAVE to, pin it. Thanks for being such a helpful gal!!! You explained it very well. And I thought the twin needle was for sewing decoratively only. Has two stretch needles … To make the tucks even tighter, you can gently pull the bobbin thread ends as you do when gathering fabric. Color Code: None Feature: Two Stretch needles mounted on one shank create two rows of stitches simultaneously. Sewing Basics - Know Your Needles By Nancy Fiedler Whether you have a top-of-the-line sewing machine or an economy model, the most important tool used is the sewing machine needle. Can be used with … Wow this is super helpful!!! Number 1 is the lowest tension setting, and number 4 is the highest. Required fields are marked *. As long as the thread is threaded through each needle, the bobbin should catch. This is particularly important with fabrics that stretch as you put them on/take them off/wear them hence the use for knit and jersey fabrics. My Christmas color palette taken from an actual ph, I design best with constraints. One thing that helps me enormously when using twin needles, is to thread the needles before fitting to the machine! Pay attention to the width (the mm number; 4mm in the picture above). Second, make sure the thread is coming off the spools in opposite directions so that they don’t get tangled. Thanks, Melissa! I’m Sara. I’ve never messed with thread tension and totally nervous about it! I have been sewing over 50 years it is great to learn new techniques. For this fabric, I would set my tension to the 2nd setting for the best results. That zig-zagging of the bobbin thread is what gives the hem its stretch. , Thanks Sylvia! I lower the tension just a notch or two for a basic jersey knit fabric.

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